On-Demand Business and Legal Advice

Sleep Soundly in the City that Never Sleeps

Timmins Harlan’s Concierge Legal Advisory is a subscription-based, white glove service providing round-the-clock legal counsel alleviating concern over billable hours. Differing from our general legal representation services, subscribers to our Concierge Legal Advisory are provided a first and ongoing point of contact, who can be called whenever a legal, business, or personal issue arises—and for as long as the issue persists.

Should you have any questions regarding our Concierge Legal Advisory, please feel free to fill out a request form or contact us directly. 

Bespoke Subscriptions

Many concierge clients work with us to craft bespoke, event-driven plans during or in anticipation of periods of legal uncertainty. For example, Clients facing the possibility of a contentious real estate transaction can subscribe to a bespoke plan at a predetermined price, receiving 24/7 attorney access for the duration of the transaction. In addition to providing peace of mind, this model provides certainty in budgeting and can result in a significant reduction in aggregate legal expenses.

Outside General Counsel

Concierge clients may also choose to subscribe to plans of fixed duration, receiving the benefit of “outside general counsel” to advise on any issue that may arise. In exchange for an annual, semi-annual, or monthly retainer, counsel is provided with virtually no cap on hours and few limits on the scope of service. As “outside general counsel” we can assist with such tasks as drafting and reviewing contracts, negotiating settlements, communicating with adverse parties, and measuring and reducing legal risk. Most importantly, we are on call to respond to any crisis no matter the day or time.

Peace of Mind

Experience the peace of mind of having your own personal, on-call attorney. A subscription to Timmins Harlan’s Concierge Legal Advisory ensures the smooth running of your professional, personal, and business life.

Should you have any questions regarding our concierge legal advisory services, please feel free to fill out a request form or contact us directly.